Seafood HACCP Online Training 

If you need Seafood HACCP training you are in luck., a leading online eLearning site for food safety has partnered with to offer a convenient way train and prepare for your Seafood HACCP Food Safety Regulatory or Third Party Audit.The class is rated as 16 hours of study time but if you take advantage of all the videos, quizzes and study materials it could take well over 30 hours to complete. The amount of time you spend is controlled by you.

You can choose how, when and where you learn:
Options include Video, audio, quizzes, and extra study materials you choose any or all of these options as you go through Seafood HACCP Training course.
All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer to complete your Seafood HACCP Online Training
You can study before or after dinner, during a break at work, play the audio while you are making dinner or traveling.

Register and Complete Online Training  offers AFDO Seafood HACCP courses and Seafood HACCP Consulting and Plan Development and Evaluation

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Seafood HACCP Training


Seafood HACCP Training

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Seafood HACCP Online Training